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You’re on a search to find an artist to capture your adventure with imagination, heart, and character.

I’m passionate about giving you stunning, artistic photography and telling your story in a way that nobody else can.

Official photographer of deposed royalty, hungry travelers, and byronic heroes. 


Find out about my mission to make you weep sweet tears of joy over your photos and how easy it is to work with my team.  Send us an email.

Wondering about what it’s like to have us photograph your session or wedding?? We aim for experiences that were so fun you’d do it again. Learn more.


Wedding photos handsomely with storytelling magic and love.

Let us remind you how magical the world is.

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L Hewitt Photography LLC


About the Photographer

Welcome! I’m Leah, and I capture stray photons and tell stories with my camera. I believe in kindness. I love quirky movies like Amelie, Delicatessen, & most everything Wes Anderson has ever put on the screen. I love exploring. Find out more about me….

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