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Top 9 most liked images on Instagram

Instagram has been an amazing way to get to know other artists and magic makers around the world. I especially love the stories aspect — catching a glimpse into the way creative folks live and make things. It’s an inspiration to see people reaching and succeeding — or even trying and failing and just getting up again. 

As a creative, it’s always a joy to share images I feel have made my clients proud, or have successfully captured them and the spirit of their day. I’m always working to find a way to embody the whole of a wedding in just one snap. It’s the biggest mountain for photographers, and something to strive for.  (Actually, it’s my goal to create a piece that is so perfect and so beautiful, it causes whomever sees it to shed a single diamond tear and truly comprehend the profound depth and joy of the entire universe in one macrocosm — I haven’t gotten there yet, but I’m sure I will one day ;))

These images were selected by the amazing support of folks who follow me on Instagram — they’re the nine top images from 2017. It’s such a pleasure, thinking back on all of the connections forged with folks, and the happy results of a lot of hustle and sweat. 

I hope you enjoy the hard work of the brides and grooms, seamstresses, planners, architects, furniture makers, hair and makeup artists, software designers, and all of the hard work and craft of everything that makes up the big beautiful world we live in. (Oh, and also some pictures I made)

And since I didn’t do it last year, here’s 2016! Funny how the color schemes change and go so well together even though I didn’t select these! 

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