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Should You Get an Album? Some Thoughts From a Veteran Married Person

An album is a special part of your family history. It’s a beautiful piece of art that preserves your legacy. It’ll be treasured by your family.

 You may have heard this stuff before. For a long time, I was NOT into talking up albums, thinking it was sales-y and was counter to my mission of connecting with you and making creative wedding photography that embodies your vision.

When I got married,  I used those box cameras on each table (thanks 2000s, for the great advice on that one). The photos looked like they were taken in a dark closet. Because of that, there was no album and I never got around to making one with the few good ones we have. Who knows where those photos are now. And now, on my 15th wedding anniversary, I regret that.

My kids are at an age when they are learning the story of their past and more about us. I’ve made a family travels albums for them, thanks to the amazing destination wedding clients we have. Every once in a while, I’ll find them quietly flipping through those books and memories. And it stinks to feel like there’s a gap in my family history that they can’t access like that.

These days, I believe photographs are meant to be experienced by touch. Think about turning the pages of your own album with your spouse or children on your anniversary. It’s a physical connection to that day. A potent proof of your love. A portal back to the sights, sounds, scents, and connections from one of the most cherished days of your time together.

And now, after 10 years of photography and my own personal experience, I wish this experience for every single one of my clients. It’s not sales-y, it’s one of the best experiences and one of the best gifts I could possibly give to you, beyond the photos themselves. 

Right now, I have almost 80 clients celebrating their 9th and 10th wedding anniversaries. I often hear “I wanted to make an album, but didn’t get a chance” or  and “I think my disc is scratched but I’m not sure where the backup is.”

I don’t want these things to happen to you, so we’ve worked hard to make the process of creating an album easy and fun.

We’ve settled on two routes: The easiest for you: We create an album design, and for you to choose from dozens of design options with us, to create a beautiful linen, leather, or silk album. (Usually the best quality album companies are exclusively available to photographers.) We can make copies for your parents if you want, or different albums all together. But in the end, you get a beautiful, finished album and don’t have to worry about the process much at all. 

An alternative route, which involves more work on your part: we create an album design for you and you find your own printer online. Because of the number of printers and requirements out there, we can’t offer much assistance, but can recommend a few printer options for you.  


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