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Album Design Timeline

The Album Design Timeline


I wanted to share a little more with you about the process of making an album so you know what to expect! 

Most packages come with the option of an 8×10 (horizontal or vertical) or 10×10 album. The album comes with 20 spreads, / 40 pages. You can upgrade to a larger size or more pages if you would like.

Step 1: Album Size 
You’ll get an order sheet which will help you select your album size. Your package comes with a specific size, but you can opt to upgrade for a larger album, which has more more of an impact. I’ll need the size before layout can begin.
Step 2: Think about your album design
Where to Start:
Album design is the narrative of your wedding day. I aim for an emotional ebb and flow, and design with that sort of storytelling in mind. I like to design with powerful images that make you feel something. This should be your guiding principle when you select images.
 Step 3: Selecting your images
Choose the images you want in your book by going into your wedding gallery, and clicking the star on your favorites. That will create a favorites gallery – see image below. Typically a design has 5-10 images for each part of the day, with a lot more for the reception. Details should be included as their own “part of the day” as they tell the story and set the scene. I you’re having trouble or would prefer I design your album with just a few of your favorites, let me know. I typically fill in the layout and narrative with new images if needed, and select when a series of images is in black and white or color. Click here to learn more about image selection.


Step 4: Share the Selections With Me When You Are Done

Once you’re done making your selections, share the images with me so I know you are finished. You can request photo edits, but some more complex, or lengthy edits require additional charges. Please include the image name and description of the change (ie crop lady in red dress) in the notes when you send over the selections gallery. 


 Step 5: Album design process begins.

Once I get started, you’ll get a draft layout and can write comments and suggest changes. You get 2 rounds of revisions. You can upgrade to additional rounds if needed. The design process can take a few months, depending on how quickly our communications and revisions go.
Step 6: Select your cover options and upgrades with your order sheet and verify your address.
This includes font, color, material, what you want written on it, whether you want a photo on the front, and more. An order sheet will be sent to you via email. Follow this link to learn more. 
Step 7: Give final approval on the cover and layout. 
Once you’ve approved, the album is sent to the album company, printed, sent to me and then I personally inspect each one and ship it to you. This can take up to a month, depending on how busy the album company is. Each album is handmade by an album craftsman, so they take time.
Step 8: Get your album! For a $50 credit in the gallery, send me photos or a video of either you or your parents unboxing it or holding it!! I LOVE these and I love sharing them!
A note on album care:
The album is a valuable heirloom, so treat it with care. Avoid getting your album wet, and store in indirect sunlight. Leather covers are a little easier to keep clean than linen.