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Find pricing information for your wedding in D.C., Maryland or anywhere in the world from leading photographer L. Hewitt.

A Little About Us

Based out of Baltimore  but I love to work in my back yard and everywhere else. Every client I take on has different needs, cultures, and visions. Let’s connect about what you’re looking for, and I can share more detailed pricing information for weddings and portraits. I take a limited 25 couples per year to provide thoughtful and creative photography and the BEST customer service




Planning something REALLY special?

If you’re planning an extraordinarily creative event,  or a destination wedding abroad, but don’t have the budget, let’s chat anyways because I might be up for an adventure!



I’ve worked all over the world, including: Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Wilmington, New York City and have done weddings all around the world, including Miami, New Orleans, Seattle, NYC, Charleston, Williamsburg, San Diego, La Jolla, as well as Cartagena, Bogota, Taipei, Venice, Paris,  Switzerland, Scotland, The Hague, Venice, and Hong Kong.  

About the Photographer

Welcome! I’m Leah, and I capture stray photons and tell stories with my camera. I believe in kindness. I love quirky movies like Amelie, Delicatessen, & most everything Wes Anderson has ever put on the screen. I love exploring. Find out more about me….

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