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Frequently Asked Questions | D.C., Baltimore, and Destination Wedding Photographer L. Hewitt

Do you have questions about how to get awesome wedding photography in D.C. or around the world? Come find the answers from top photographer, L. Hewitt

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you travel?

Yes. If you want me to lace up my boots and go trekking with you through some jungle somewhere, I’m your girl.

How do I book?

$850 deposit, signed contract, and Bob’s your uncle. I take check, online payment, or PayPal, but you need to account for PayPal fees via a fee calculator.

What kind of camera do you use?

Nikon D4 and D750

What kind of lighting do you use?

I’m a bit punk rock when it comes to lighting. I love natural light, but believe that mastery of ALL of the tools of my craft is essential, including off- and on-camera flash. But I’ve lit with such various objects as a handheld closet light from Wal-Mart, Ipads, friends and family holding up their phone LCDs, etc.

Do you have insurance?

Yep. Lots! I can send a certificate of insurance to your venue if needed.

Should we use Pinterest for inspiration?:

I like to look at a Pinterest board to get a sense for your tastes, but believe that your story should be told through my unique perspective — not by replicating another photographer’s work.

Where should we do our engagement session? How long does it take?

About an hour and a half, and we can do it wherever! I always recommend doing something that makes you feel happy, in a place that makes you happy. Don’t just pick a place, go on a date. Pick an activity.

About Leah:

How long have you been shooting?

Since 2010! About 300ish weddings.

What is your photography style?

I am a leaf in the wind. I calibrate based on your personality, the character of your wedding, and the personality of your venue. The wedding photos you get will reflect the mood and tone of your day. But most importantly, I want to capture real moments between people. My interests in photography vary from very artistic, modern, and geometric to soft and romantic. I go into different stages during the day. I capture REAL moments as they happen rather than recreating anything or doing lots of posing.

What is your shooting style?

If asked, I can be a fly on the wall, but prefer to be able to laugh and have a good time with my clients. I like to bust a move on the dance floor and engage with guests. You get better photos when people are having fun in front of the camera.  I’m told I get all of my referrals because of my 80s hip hop dance skillz. Or maybe it was the polka.

Getting Your Photos:


Every photo is edited to varying levels via Lightroom, with the highest attention paid to portraits of you two and family formals. You get 30 edits after the fact. I am a photoshop wizard.

B/W? Color?

If it’s in B/W and not color, it’s meant to be that way. Aside from that, you get about 15-20% in black and white from most of the wedding, with a large number of black and whites for the reception (unless your reception looks amazing in color)

When are photos delivered?

6 weeks on average. You’ll get an official time to delivery around your wedding date, and lots of updates. You’ll be kept in the loop!

How many photos do I get?

Around 600-700 for a full day wedding.

Do I have rights to print?

We share rights. You can print where you like, but I recommend printing through your gallery link, since I’m calibrated to my lab and I trust their professional quality like no other.


I love making albums. They are a physical form of your story that you can hug and share over a glass of wine. 

About the Photographer

Welcome! I’m Leah, and I capture stray photons and tell stories with my camera. I believe in kindness. I love quirky movies like Amelie, Delicatessen, & most everything Wes Anderson has ever put on the screen. I love exploring. Find out more about me….

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