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Mentoring by L Hewitt Photography For Amateur and Professional Photographers

I’ve gotten many requests over the years for mentoring and help from photographers and clients who are amateurs and want to learn how to take amazing travel photos. I’m really excited to be able to offer personal mentoring and instruction sessions. Whether you’re just starting out and want to learn more about photography or how to turn this amazing art into a business, or if you’re in need of help, excitement, or encouragement, I’m ready to stand in your corner. 


Portfolio Reviews  $200 – 1 hour of pre-review evaluation time and 1 hour of review presentation and discussion.

I’ve been super lucky, (and I’ve worked pretty hard) to build my portfolio over the years. By focusing on my own style I’ve been able to get my work published in places that I’m proud of, I’ve won awards from judges I admire, and more importantly I’ve left hundreds of my clients happy. Let’s hang out and design your portfolio so you can make your best work sing to new client

You’ll get:

I’ll provide an in-depth review of your website and printed portfolios, and we’ll edit your photos for your strongest work with an eye on attracting your ideal client. We’ll make sure your processing stays consistent, and that your voice and emotional storytelling make you stand out in the crowd.

  • A 1 hour review of your wedding portfolio via google hangouts
  • 30 images of your choice reviewed in detail
  • An outside look at your website with insights into what photos you should showcase and how you can best show them off
  • My review in written format so you can review it anytime in the future

In-Depth Photography Mentoring Sessions $600 – 3 Hours

Come hang out with me and delve into how I run my business and produce my photography. We’ll talk about any and all of the aspects of running a successful photography business, from start to finish. I’ve learned from some of the best in the industry, and just as they’ve shared with me, I am an open book and happy to share anything I know with you. The focus is helping your business and work get to the next level. 

Some of the many topics we can discuss:

  • How to attract your ideal client
  • How to automate your business and have more time to do what you need to do
  • Photography workflow from start to finish
  • Posing vs. natural moments and what clients and competitions are looking for
  • The art of photography : composition, color theory, leading lines, the golden spiral, and more
  • How to raise your income to six figures and other goal setting challenges.
  • The basics of editing to more complex editing issues
  • How to find or make amazing light for your images
  • Lens choices
  • Pricing
  • Client communications
  • How to navigate conflicts with clients and vendors
  • How to keep your cool and produce amazing images when everything goes wrong on a shoot
  • Social media and other advertising

Short Photography Mentoring Sessions $250 – 1 Hour


These sessions are personalized to address the issues facing your photography journey. If you’re an amateur and want to pick my brain because every photo you take of your baby is blurry, or are going on an exciting trip and want to capture great shots to share with your friends. Or if you’re a professional and want to learn about advertising, building name recognition, winning awards, or any of a host of challenges us photographers face, I can help you create a focused plan that will help you get to the next level. You select the topic of conversation and we’ll discuss whatever you have on your mind. 


Ongoing Sessions (3 or more)


$150 per hour

Photo Safaris  Hit the streets: $250 – 1.5 hours

Come make friends with your camera!

Learn to see the world the way I see it. Let’s go on a photo shoot on the streets to learn how to use your camera to its fullest potential. We’ll work on creating compelling compositions, capturing great images in chaotic circumstances, working a scene, bringing out the best in your subjects, and other techniques that will give you confidence to love what you do and charge what you’re worth.

Working With People: $ 350 – Take your posing and composition skills to the next level by learning how to work with a model in a wide variety of situations, different light, architecture, and more. Learn the basics of movement in images, how to achieve bokeh effects, how to use hard light (where applicable), and how to pose real people and keep the flow going.

Lightroom Mastery Mentoring:

One session (2 hours)  

$395 – The Critical Basics for Beginners

An important tool for creating professional quality photos, Lightroom has a ton of features and simple tricks that save me time and money everyday. I would love to share with you what I know about this powerful program, and hope you’ll join me for a one-on-one workshop that is bound to bring positive changes to your business. Let’s spend some time together and we’ll process over 60 of my images from a variety of circumstances and locations from start to finish. You will learn the best techniques for speedy workflow, consistent editing, and more. When you walk out my door you’ll spend less time editing and produce higher quality images that your clients will love you for.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Lightroom and its many features
  • Creating and using presets
  • Maintaining consistency across a full spectrum of lighting circumstances
  • How to use the sliders on the toolbar and which ones should be your favorites
  • How to get your images to take up less space on your drives while maintaining the highest image quality
  • How to make more time in your day by turning weddings around in a single week and engagements around in a day.
  • Designing workflow that will keep your business running smoothly from now on

Want to go further?

Let’s spend another hour, or two, editing your images. During the first hour we’ll discuss your strengths, how you can improve, and any problems you have getting your photos to sing.

Then we’ll dive deeper and spend another hour addressing tough lighting situations, how to make the most of any location, and how to unlock your creativity under stress.

First hour – $175

Second hour – $150

Advanced Class:

Three – three hour sessions – $995

Let’s go way beyond the basics! Come develop your voice and take your Lightroom skills to a whole new level.

Session 1  – Advanced Editing Skills

Keep raising the bar!

Let’s go to the Lightroom Laboratory. We’ll edit a gallery of 100 of your own images and discuss how to edit and handle files with a fast and efficient workflow. We’ll use all the relevant lightroom tools you need to get work done quickly and efficiently and how to handle tricky image problems.

You’ll learn:

  • Color theory and editing techniques you need for basic editing
  • How to create your own and use others’ presets to achieve an artistic and consistent style.
  • How to maintain beautiful, clean skin tones no matter the lighting circumstance.
  • Tone curves
  • Reception lighting and other tricky situations
  • Editing for efficiency and speed

Session 2 –  Honing Your Editing Style

Discover an editing style that you AND your clients will love and take your Lightroom skills to a whole other level.

We’ll talk about:

  • How your editing style can help you attract the clients you want to work with
  • The editing styles you like and how to achieve the looks you desire
  • How to break away from the competition by being true to you
  • How to balance your love for disparate styles (ie: light and airy vs. dramatic lighting)
  • All the things (non-wedding) that inspire you including art, clothing, films and determine how these things will help you define your voice in the future.
  • Choosing the right places to share your work to attract your ideal client.

Session 3  Bringing it All Together

Everything you’ve learned so far combined, plus 5 presets designed especially for you.

We’ll put it all together by:

  • Taking what you’ve learned in the first sessions and creating 5 presets that will make your pictures shine in the most important situations, including cloudy outdoor, sunny outdoor, unflattering indoor light ( often found in indoor reception site and churches), high contrast situations with deep shadows, hazy days etc…
  • Talking about in-camera techniques that will help you achieve your stylistic goals and make editing easier
  • Discussing how to enter your work for competitions, and the printing techniques you need to win awards and attract industry insider attention and reach the heights of your career.
  • Making a plan for the future that’s based on your new skills and insights

I’ve been a professional photographer for almost 10 years, shot hundreds of weddings, engagements, family, boudoir, editorial, and art sessions. I’m an open book about my mistakes and missteps (and I’ve made plenty of those), but also some pretty neat stuff has happened to me too! I’m one of Rangefinder’s 2015 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography, and have a host of awards from Fearless, ISPWP, Top Knots, MyWed and more. I’m also on the Junebug World’s Best Wedding Photographers list, and have been published in dozens of local and national magazines and blogs.