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About L.Hewitt | Best D.C., Maryland and Destination Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is more than epic pictures. It’s about the whole experience. Come discover what it’s like to work with top photographer, L. Hewitt

Let’s create something unique.

All weddings are unique. From an eight person treehouse ceremony overlooking a Scottish loch to an epic 3-day

Indian fete, everyone is different. Let us help you have a fun, stress free celebration that is uniquely yours.


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”, The Little Prince

Before your wedding:

We’ll start with a client meeting to connect, get to know each other, and paint the vision of your day.

We accept about 25 weddings out of 200 inquiries per year, so we send proposals to couples with the best fit.

From start to finish, everything is easy as can be. Sign your contract and send your retainer online.

We work with you to tailor a unique photo style profile just for you to calibrate our eye with what you love. 

Come get to know me, have a crazy adventure, and learn how to be camera ready with an engagement session.

We get to know you so that on the wedding day, you don’t mind crying (or crunking) in front of us.


The Wedding Day

We’re not a fan of cheese (unless you can cut it) and we LOVE real moments, so we try not to pose too much.

We may suggest moving to better light, or a  prettier space, but we like things to happen naturally.

We arrive and start by capturing quiet, storytelling moments — the sky, the leaves, preparation and details.

We like to stay the whole day, starting an hour or two before you put your clothes on.


Formal Photos

The BEST way to make sure your day is fun and stress-free is to do photos before the ceremony.  In this time, we do

photos of the two of you, bridal party shots, some traditional family shots. Anything we didn’t get done before the

ceremony happen before or around the beginning of the reception.


Couple photos take 20-45 minutes. Some are camera aware, some are art, and most are about you two being yourselves

and having fun. You may not get much more alone time the rest of the day, so this is time to breathe, laugh, and spend

time together. Every couple responds differently to different direction and  levels of intimacy. We will work together on

your day (or better, at the engagement session) to determine what is right for you.



The Rest of the Day:

At the ceremony, we are ninjas. We are quiet and out of the way, and capture moments and emotions as they happen.

 After the ceremony and into the reception, we mingle and dance like guests to capture the spirit of the event. We prefer

to eat a hot meal when you do, since photos of guests chewing don’t typically top our shot lists. After dinner, we’ll be on

the dance floor when grandma’s doing the hustle, or that one groomsman rips his pants doing the splits.


Photos are all edited and delivered within 90 days, and six weeks on average. About 20% are in black and white. 

The process of albums happens after the photos are delivered.

You pick your cover options and favorite images (with a list of suggestions from us) and we’ll craft the story. 

Albums usually take 2-6 months depending on how quickly we communicate and exchange drafts. 


About the Photographer

Welcome! I’m Leah, and I capture stray photons and tell stories with my camera. I believe in kindness. I love quirky movies like Amelie, Delicatessen, & most everything Wes Anderson has ever put on the screen. I love exploring. Find out more about me….

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