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You care about the dress, but you know it’s not just the outfit, it's the life you live in it.

with a photographer who gets you, creates the space for you to be you, and crafts your story into stylish, magical images that invite you to linger.

I've thrown the cliche cookie cutter template into the ocean.

Because the world needs more character and joy, not more of the same. And because you deserve images as unique as you, that radiate the feeling of your memories.

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You want a fun, refreshing experience

An artist, adventurer, & storyteller.

I’m Leah, and I live in a garden house on a hill.  I was raised abroad as a diplomat’s daughter and adventure is my heritage. I see myself as an ambassador of life. I love catching films in independent theaters, trying new foods, exploring old cities and dark forests, and so much more.  I’m passionate about stories, art, life, and photography. I want you to be too.

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Celebrate Your Story with Style

I want you to have it all. Whether you're having a small garden fête surrounded by crumbling statues, a big, glamorous Indian wedding, or a destination wedding in the Italian countryside. Every client receives a custom-tailored approach based on your needs.

My studio is fully inclusive and proud to serve every warm and vibrant human being.

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“The day you sent our photos to me, I sat in my living room and cried. It’s like you shoot glitter out of your camera. You felt like part of our story and made so much sense. You are our people.”

"It's like instead of photographing our wedding, you painted it.”


"I wanted a piece I could hang on our living room wall that would stop people in their tracks, draw them into the scene, and then leave them saying "wow that's you guys." Leah is an artist. She has an eye for beauty and originality that is profound. The tenderness and humanity of what she captured in our photo album is nothing short of extraordinary. Her work 100% speaks for itself, but the experience of working with Leah goes far beyond the masterpieces she creates."

“I searched high and low for Leah. I didn't just want a photographer. I wanted an artist.”


Every photo she took of my wedding was described by everyone as an “art piece” they would see in a magazine. Beyond her work, Leah made our day so happy and eased my stress. She made the day magical and fun with her warm soul!

“Beyond her work, Leah made our day so happy and eased my stress.”


that's how much of a legend she is. Leah did our wedding in Sonoma. It's hard to articulate how much she means to us – but know that she exceeded every expectation we had and has become a lifelong confidant in the process. She gets that you want something different. She gets that you can't explain what that is. I trust her to chronicle the rest of my life! Every second of our time together was positive-- her energy is infectious and she captures moments that you don't even realize existed until you see them through her lens. Leah is the most talented photographer I have ever seen. Hire her! You'll never look back.

“I wanted to work with Leah before I was even engaged!”

Kelsey + Foster

I will openly admit that when my husband and I got the images back from Leah we cried re-living the day through her pictures. They are that incredible. Leah is super fun and can easily handle a large crowd. She will be out on the dance floor in-the-mix getting great photos, she clearly loves her job. Of all the vendors you hire, the photographer is the person you interact with the most, and Leah has such a bright and lovely way about her it was just like having another friend there.

“ She was able to capture the essence and the emotion of our wedding.”


She will distill what makes you unique and through seeming alchemy generate not just incredible images, but an experience that is magical. After finding your narrative, she will create the world you have only glimpsed in your dreams. Her work is art. You and everyone else will love to look at it for that reason. More than that, she is an incredible person and you too will find yourself transformed by the process.

“If art transforms, then working with Leah is just that--transformative. ”

Genevieve + shaughn

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Working with me is playful, light, and interactive, so you only have to worry about being yourself. My decade+ of experience will help guide you to flattering, stylish images while having fun and being yourselves. 


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Let's bring your vision to life.

Get in touch and tell us all about your dream wedding. Because I care about creating a great experience and bringing the magic out in every client, I accept a limited number of commissions per year.


Get sneak peek at the wedding on the recent cover of  Baltimore Weddings Magazine.  A romantic bohemian fête inspired by chic Italian gatherings.

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