Nitin and Pallavi planned a multi-event, destination wedding spectacular that took artistic and fun to a grand scale.

Their morning ceremony occurred in front of the cinematic backdrop of the majestic curve Woodrow Wilson Plaza in Washington D.C.. It began with the groom’s baraat and the emotional moments of the ganesha puja, where the bride's family met the groom. Then Pallavi was carried to the mandap wedding stage on a palanquin called a doli. 

One of my favorite moments of Nitin and Pallavi's wedding : as the ceremony with the couple begins on stage, the couple weren't allowed to see each other, and were shrouded by a cloth held by the family. The couple could touch hands on the coconut offering brought in by Pallavi (a prominent part of many Hindu ceremonies), but couldn't see each other until the cloth between them was whisked away. It was such a playful and joyous reveal and a wonderful moment.

Nitin and Pallavi's evening events were just as spectacular: a sunset champagne toast with their closest friends, a confetti cannon entrance, an artist who guided guests in adding brushstrokes to a painting of the ceremony, and unforgettable performances from friends and family in the grand hall. Nitin and Pallavi wanted their indoor reception to feel like an enchanted forest and L’ambiance, the florist, created masses of greenery with rustic elements like twigs, vines, moss walls, and a cake-table disguised as a tree.

Vendor Team:
Outfits: Tarun Tahliliani, Sonia from Anchaal  |  Music: Dynasty DJ
Catering: Indaroma, Ronald Reagan ITC   |  Florist L'Ambiance
Hotel:  Willard Intercontinental      |     Planner: Sagina Wahi   
Ring: Fairwood Diamond - Shrenil      |     Make Up: Make Up By Ana B
Painter: Juliana Weideman 

Nitin and Pallavi's sparkling Indian wedding celebration at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington D.C. was a colorful fusion of GQ meets art. 

A chic and sparkling celebration

We're Featured!

Nitin and Pallavi's stunning Ronald Reagan Building Pakistani wedding was featured in both Washingtonian Bride and Groom and was the wedding of the month in Rangefinder Magazine! 

“The day you sent our photos to me, I sat in my living room and cried. It’s like you shoot glitter out of your camera. You felt like part of our story and made so much sense. You are our people.”

"It's like instead of photographing our wedding, you painted it.”


"I wanted a piece I could hang on our living room wall that would stop people in their tracks, draw them into the scene, and then leave them saying "wow that's you guys." Leah is an artist. She has an eye for beauty and originality that is profound. The tenderness and humanity of what she captured in our photo album is nothing short of extraordinary. Her work 100% speaks for itself, but the experience of working with Leah goes far beyond the masterpieces she creates."

“I searched high and low for Leah. I didn't just want a photographer. I wanted an artist.”


Every photo she took of my wedding was described by everyone as an “art piece” they would see in a magazine. Beyond her work, Leah made our day so happy and eased my stress. She made the day magical and fun with her warm soul!

“Beyond her work, Leah made our day so happy and eased my stress.”


that's how much of a legend she is. Leah did our wedding in Sonoma. It's hard to articulate how much she means to us – but know that she exceeded every expectation we had and has become a lifelong confidant in the process. She gets that you want something different. She gets that you can't explain what that is. I trust her to chronicle the rest of my life! Every second of our time together was positive-- her energy is infectious and she captures moments that you don't even realize existed until you see them through her lens. Leah is the most talented photographer I have ever seen. Hire her! You'll never look back.

“I wanted to work with Leah before I was even engaged!”

Kelsey + Foster

I will openly admit that when my husband and I got the images back from Leah we cried re-living the day through her pictures. They are that incredible. Leah is super fun and can easily handle a large crowd. She will be out on the dance floor in-the-mix getting great photos, she clearly loves her job. Of all the vendors you hire, the photographer is the person you interact with the most, and Leah has such a bright and lovely way about her it was just like having another friend there.

“ She was able to capture the essence and the emotion of our wedding.”


She will distill what makes you unique and through seeming alchemy generate not just incredible images, but an experience that is magical. After finding your narrative, she will create the world you have only glimpsed in your dreams. Her work is art. You and everyone else will love to look at it for that reason. More than that, she is an incredible person and you too will find yourself transformed by the process.

“If art transforms, then working with Leah is just that--transformative. ”

Genevieve + shaughn


Skin tones are something I take pride in taking care of while I shoot and edit. I am a master of light and a master photo editor, and can care for the wide rainbow of skin tones (including troubleshooting things like a red flush, too much spray tan, etc). This includes dark and light skin tones next to each other, and making sure that skin is rich, beautiful, and radiant.

What about different skin tones?

How do you tailor your approach to our tastes and style?

Not your grandmother's wedding photos! I tailor my approach to every client. Bright and airy, sparkling and dramatic, flash, or natural light, or more. I'm a blend of classic without being traditional, chic, and photojournalistic. At the end of the day, I want you to have a full set of different types of imagery, from creative, to fine art, to candid, to dark, and light images that reflect you. 

How would you describe your photography style?

An adventure or a date. We should find somewhere suited to you - something epic and dramatic, something fun and playful, or something romantic and chic. No cookie-cutter sessions. Together we develop the art direction for your shoot and come up with something beautiful and something uniquely you. 

What do you suggest we do for our engagement session?

I've been shooting S.A. weddings for over a decade and have photographed all of these, as well as celebrations from all around the world: Iran, Nigeria, Thailand and more. my team and I frequently photograph weddings of all nationalities, traditions, and creeds, and have, over the decade, developed a careful eye for detail and meticulous planning to get the best images of your whole day without missing anything important to you.

Have you ever done a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, etc. wedding?

This depends on which events you're looking to cover, and what you want to cover within those event days. Typically a full multi-day South Asian wedding ranges from 10-28 hours. My average is about 16-17 hours, and includes a sangeet or mehndi ceremony, a small wedding ceremony, and a full day of reception coverage from getting ready to an hour into dancing at night. 

How many hours do we need for our multi-day event.

A FEW OF OUR MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT SHOOTING Indian, Pakistani & other south asian weddings


Over 12 years of wedding photography had enabled me to develop my own process to get to know you and your tastes, and really get to the heart of what matters to you in your wedding photography. We chat, we share Pinterest boards, I have fun questionnaires for you. This is really one of the most important parts of our relationship, so I love lingering with you and finding out who you are and what you really love.


Simplicity, fun, and ease are at the heart of what we do together. I use my signature editorial and cinematic style to capture your raw and candid moments and to create effortless, guided portraits which bring out the beauty and dignity in my clients. Our time will be refreshing and light, allowing you to revel in the joy of your wedding day without spilling a drop of champagne. 

I'm a Washington DC-based editorial wedding photographer and travel worldwide for commissions. I was raised abroad as diplomat's daughter and see myself as an ambassador of life. I share deep passion for the world we live in.  I am deeply excited to learn about you and finally to capturing the electricity, beauty, and raw connection of your wedding day.


the lhp experience

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