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The Lodge on Loch Goil Destination Wedding Scotland | Abi + Mel

Near the village of Lochgoilhead in Argyll in western Scotland, two brides and their closest families gathered for a beautiful story. Lochgoilhead is a tiny little town with breathtaking scenery, where the roads are flanked by old stone walls, there is one restaurant, and the grocery store is three shelves in the post-office.

The air shimmers here in the Scottish Highlands. You catch it in the edges of your vision, a gossamer veil in the corner of your eye. Maybe it’s how the light hits moisture in the air or maybe it’s the mythical enchantment of earthy smells of peat and moss cut with the salty air, heather, and the history of kings.

The wedding story of Abi and Mel took place at the Lodge at Loch Goil, in Lochgoilhead Scotland – a cozy Victorian wedding venue respite made of warm woods and natural fabrics. (And LGBT/same-sex wedding friendly!) I’ll never forget hiking through the dewy landscape, coming in with a chill in my bones and being met with a cup of steaming hot tea and shortbread with my husband. A tradition we continue to embrace here at home. (We’re definitely tea and biscuits people!)

Abi and Mel’s intimate treehouse wedding began early in the day. Abi and Mel are the kind of couple I can see hiking together to have an adventure elopement out on the heathers! The couple dressed together in the cozy lodge, lovingly helping each other with undone buttons, and putting on shoes. And then Abi and Mel, and just their closest six family members prepared for the real magic in this fairy-tale.

We ascended the stairs of a treehouse that crowns the head of an ancient pine that sinks its feet into the banks of a loch and stretches its nobbled arms towards the mountains. It was there that the betrothed sealed their covenant before a coterie of joyful kin and advisors -their closest family and loved ones.

After the wedding, the couple had their first adventure together, putting on their hiking boots again for an adventure photoshoot at Carrick Castle, a mid 14th century tower house where kings hunted and fought — and then on to Rest and Be Thankful. We climbed and strolled, all puckish smiles and the susurration of satin dresses in the high grass. 

During their explorations, Abi and Mel took advantage of the beauty around them to be in the moment to read letters to each other.

Upon returning, the family gathered together to release sky lanterns together, and as the sun set and the day began for the mythical creatures of the night in Lochgoilhead, the couple and their family retreated to the warmth of The Lodge on Loch Goil for a candlelit dinner.

And that, dear friends, is where my story ends, and theirs continues into the great wild beyond of ever after.

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