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9 Must See Baltimore Wedding Venues

My clients often tell me they love how I incorporate architecture, the old-world spirit, and romance of a space in their photos. I’m lucky, because Baltimore is home to a large number of luxurious wedding venues that will transport you to a world of old-fashioned romance. From museums and libraries to 19th century mansions passed down from the Washingtons; these breathtaking locations will set the stage for any sparkling celebration and will transport you and your guests to another time and place.

So without any further adieu, raise your glasses, and let’s kick this off with style.

The Baltimore Museum of Art

How often do we see destruction bring about the beauty of rebirth? Well, this is another one of those tales. Following the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904, the city launched a plan to “Build Back Better” and placed an Art Dealer at the head of the committee. Ten years later, The Baltimore Museum of Art opened its doors.

Now, over a century later, in the heart of downtown Baltimore, the intellectual pride of the city. A stunning, neoclassical gem. I’ve done countless weddings at this exquisite Baltimore wedding venue and each time walk in that building, I am floored by its beauty. I can only imagine how my clients feel. From the architecture to the elaborate works of Matisse, Picasso and various local artists. Some of my favorite spots include the epic steps and columns outside, Fox Court- a long chamber adorned with soaring coffered ceilings and stately Ionic columns. And my favorite, Antioch Court, with old mosaics and soaring floor-to ceiling windows that absolutely engulf you in light. This place is a photography dream and the perfect spot for a romantic wedding venue in Baltimore.

Not to mention, within the museum itself is a wonderful five star restaurant that will do catering for your wedding upon request. Gertrude’s restaurant overlooks the the sculpture gardens which can add an air of refined dignity to your big day. Also, a huge bonus in my eyes, since I love museums, members of the Baltimore Museum of Art receive discounted rental space fees.

Photographer’s tip: The inside of the museum is usually inaccessible until the museum closes, so keep this in mind as you schedule your ceremony time. (I usually suggest starting your ceremony at least an hour after you’re allowed inside – which is 5pm, as of the time of writing this post) Contact Alicia Crosby, CPCE, Director of Events, at 443-573-1842 or for details and pricing.

The George Peabody Library

The cathedral of books. It’s the imaginative and book-lovers fairytale come to life.

Considered one of the greatest libraries in the world, this Baltimore wedding venue is immense in not only its aesthetic, but history. Established in 1876 by George Peabody himself, the library served as a thanks the city of Baltimore for its overwhelming “Kindness and Hospitality”. It was meant to be a bastion of the city. A place where all the peoples of Baltimore could bask in knowledge and art in a place that truly resembled how Peabody felt about the great city. And, what’s better than being married in a literal love letter to a city?

As you enter the soaring reading room, you can’t help but gasp. The towering 63 foot ceilings and five stories of books climbing towards the heavens will leave you in a sense of awe and wonder. Imagine exchanging your vows amidst these towering bookshelves and elegant architectural details: The scent of leather-bound books and vintage lighting creating the ambiance of your dreams. The marble floors creating a perfect acoustic to your voice as you tell your significant other the tale of your own heart.

I get chills just thinking about it.

Photographer’s tip: You can take a lot of photos just outside of the library – the cobblestone streets, gardens, statues, architecture and monument outside are a great backdrop. Also, if you’re worried about the elements or have family mobility issues, you may consider renting the stairway across the hall. It’s a beautiful space.Contact the private events office for information on booking the Peabody Library: (443) 840-9585 or

Tudor Place

If there were something close to a royal home for the America’s, it would be this. Passed down from the grand daughter of Martha Washington, herself. The Tudor’s Place became a necessary stop for any foreign dignitary throughout the 19th century. So famed in fact that the Marquis de LaFayette stayed here when he finally came back to the U.S after the French Revolution.

It has undergone many renovations and additions, but never has it lost it’s original classical appeal. It is also known to house the world’s largest collection of the George and Martha Washington memorabilia.

This venue isn’t just one of historical fondness attached to it, though. Unlike other Baltimore Wedding Venues, this open-aired French Chateau-inspired home and gardens are things of immense beauty creating a work of art with every image. If you are looking for a more intimate wedding with up to 50 guests, the Tudor Place would make your wedding part of the great American Narrative. Etching your story in with the likes of the greatest peoples this nation has ever known.

Photographer’s tip: If you want to book Tudor Place, aim for an April – July date, or a fall date for prime garden bloom. Call 202-580-7331 or email: to book your Tudor Place wedding.

Evergreen Museum and Library

If The George Peabody Library is a love letter to Baltimore, then it must be said The Evergreen is a love letter to it’s founder, John W. Garrett. With its a 19th-century Gilded Age architecture; this Baltimore wedding venue has 48 rooms adorned with relics from Garret’s travels – some of those relics being priceless artifacts such as Shakespeare’s Folios, original Tiffany Glass, Degas works and a theater painted by famed Russian artist Leon Baskt. It even has a golden bathroom made with 23 carat gold. Until it was gifted to John Hopkins in 1952, this Museum was merely the home for the Garret family.

So, it goes without saying, the Garrett’s walked hand in hand with luxury. And thankfully, these days, so can you.

This incredible mansion with fairy-tale-like indoor and outdoor settings, including the historic Carriage House and beautifully manicured gardens. The space feels like a private estate in the country in Europe and the main house offers a stunning backdrop for photos. But, there are no Country Club fees attached to be granted access to this jaw dropping locale. From Italian architecture to otherworldly paintings and books, everything in this Museum is a work of art – including you, should you choose this as your wedding venue.

Photographer’s tip: The getting ready space at the Evergreen isn’t especially picturesque, or large enough for most bridal parties, so I would advise getting ready at a nearby air bnb in Bolton Hill or Mount Vernon or a hotel like The Ivy, or Revival. Contact the private events office for information on booking the Evergreen Museum and Library: (443) 840-9585 or

The Engineers Club

Another pheonix from the ashes, The Engineer’s Club was built shortly after the Great Baltimore Fire as a place for engineers to gather and discuss their trade and techniques. After some years, the club found their forever him in the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion.

The Garrett-Jacobs Mansion offers a unique experience with its old world decorative rooms, moody library, and garden atrium. The gold gilt picture frame molding and the heavily adorned walls evoke feelings of old-world dignitaries finalizing pacts over brandy. (True fact: the Engineer’s Club was used as a stand-in for elegant venues on multiple occasions in the show House of Cards)

Photographer’s tip: The space tends to be a bit dark, which can make a big difference in photos so make sure the photographer you choose has a mastery of off-camera or flash lighting. Reach out to Asha: at Phone: (410) 539-6914 for information about booking The Garret-Jacobs Mansion, one of the most luxurious wedding venues in Baltimore

Cylburn Arboretum

Are you looking for that perfect outdoor wedding? The one that you might see take place in Bridgerton? Where incredible, awe-inspiring fields of tulips and daffodils back dropped by stunning firs litter the grounds? A vision you could only imagine the height of nobility being able to lay witness to only 150 years ago now available to you for your wedding planning needs.

The Vollmer Center– a little bit of a departure from this list, is located inside on the Arboretum grounds and is an option for receptions here.

Photographer’s tip: The grounds have fields of tulips and daffodils that are just beautiful in the spring. Reach out to Christina Nutile for rates and availability for Cylburn Arboretum Weddings (email preferred) or 410-396-4860.

The Belvedere Hotel

A woman owned and operated hotel – The Belvedere was Baltimore’s first luxury hotel – with stunning ochre murals, chandeliers, a stunning old elevator, antique furnishings, and colorfully draped ceilings. Built in 1903 to host the seasons most lavish events for society, it has been a continuously successful effort keeping up with society. Having been host to every event thought possible among the elite, the Belvedeer immediately comes to mind when thinking of a luxurious wedding with old world style.

Stepping into the lobby, you can’t help but feel you’ve been teleported into the 1930s. Nestled in the heart of Baltimore, it may even offer a glimpse of a starlet and her handsome beau sneaking off for a romantic rendezvous. Or, take stunning photos of you and your betrothed overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. Whatever choice you make, just know, The Belvedeer is a choice of supreme luxury and you would be remiss to overlook this stunning Baltimore wedding venue.

Photographer’s tip: Mount Vernon isn’t too far away if you want photos outdoors with your family, bridal party, or more portraits. Just make sure to double any time you think you may need to handle traffic. The Belvedere’s 13th floor bar is also a great place for that afterparty. Contact 410.332.1000 or to rent the Belvedere Hotel for your Baltimore wedding.

Clifton Mansion

A beautifully restored historic mansion that once belonged to John Hopkins. Its grand staircase, wrap-around porch, and 80-foot viewing tower offer breathtaking views and photo-worthy backdrops. With exposed brick walls, a fire place and peeling paint on the old plaster walls give this Baltimore Wedding Venue aged chateau vibes. This of course makes it a fine art photography venue dream.

And that’s just the inside.

The lawn and garden are absolutely stunning and are a great area to hold your ceremony or reception.

For many of these reasons, we have begun to see the Clifton Mansion spring back into vogue, as its become a wonderful location not just for weddings, but Engagement sessions and Styled Shoots.

Photographer’s tip: One of the things I love the most about this space is that ALL of the proceeds from your wedding goes to a nonprofit called Civic Works, which goes towards feeding the hungry, job training, urban space beautification and other projects that uplift and empower the community. I’m a big Baltimore fan girl, so that makes me REALLY happy. Contact or (410) 366-8533 ext 211 to book a wedding at Clifton Mansion.

Sagamore Pendry:

For a picturesque old world destination wedding on the harbor waterfront of Fell’s Point, The Pendry is a premier wedding venue with the perfect balance of historic cobblestone streets and architecture meets modern romance. Quite literally a beacon for Baltimore, the Pendry served for a long time as a meeting place for immigrants to the county in the early 20th century, and was seen as a symbol of what life in America could mean for the aspirational. From there, it’s renown continued to grow, as it became often times associated with luxury and decadence. A once great pier had become a great monument. Hosting events and eventually becoming one of the many great Baltimore Wedding Venues.

The venue has smaller rooms for more intimate gatherings and a historic ballroom with grand architectural features for big events, the covered courtyard, and pool deck with harbor views. It is no wonder to the imagination as to why this venue has stood the test of time and continues to be a highlight of Baltimore, Md.

For more on The Pendry, view Rachel and Hirsh’s extravagant wedding.

Photographer’s tip: The hotel has a lot of options for portraits, both indoors and out – and many are safe from the elements, making this a very versatile spot if you want natural light portraits. The other benefit to hosting your wedding here, is you don’t have to travel far if you and your guests stay in the Pendry’s gorgeous rooms. Call 443.552.1247 or email to book your wedding at the Pendry Hotel.

Honorable Mention

Ladew Topiary Gardens

My dream location – an imaginative and sprawling garden that is one of the most stunning gardens on the east coast. The venue’s meticulously tended gardens, topiaries, tranquil ponds, and fountains, and the story of each of its numerous “garden rooms” open up the imagination and contribute to Ladew’s picturesque, and romantic setting.

Photographer’s tip: Reach out to Barbara Barnoff for information about scheduling your wedding at the Ladew Topiary Gardens or 410.557.9570 x215

No matter your preference, these 9 Baltimore wedding venues will provide a luxurious and romantic setting for your special day. Steeped in history, culture, and spirit, many of these award-winning venues speak of the best that Baltimore has to offer in regard to pure class and luxury.

And if you’re planning a wedding, go read this post about why couples need to hire an EXPERIENCED wedding planner on their wedding day. A wedding planner is one of the most important investments you can make to help you avoid the typical pitfalls when planning a wedding (not to mention, they can help save you money.)

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