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Intimate Kualoa Ranch Wedding | Paradise Bay Resort | Christina and Jesse

Tropical Elegance: Christina and Jesse’s Kualoa Ranch Wedding

In a world increasingly connected by the internet, it’s a rare and delightful surprise to find destinations that seem outside of the realm of civilization. Christina and Jesse’s wedding venue was such a place – a breathtaking spot at Kualoa Ranch’s Low Camp. You arrive and could easily believe you’re at the very edge of the world. 

Paradise Bay Resort

Paradise Bay Resort is a hidden haven surrounded by lush greenery and waters that mirror the clouds rolling by in the sky. It’s tucked away in the jungle, a relaxing setting for for time spent with family in the days leading up to the wedding, for a busy morning of preparations. And there, by the water, secluded amongst the greenery like secret lovers is where Christina and Jesse shared an emotional first look on their wedding day.

Pro Tip: For those planning a destination Hawaii wedding, consider a venue like Paradise Bay Resort for its scenic beauty and peaceful ambiance. It makes make for a beautiful space for photos, but there’s nothing like starting your day in a calm place that inspires you.

A Wedding Amidst Kualoa Ranch’s Natural Splendor

Guests were greeted with a warm breeze and tropical drinks in coconuts and pineapples. The ceremony space was cradled in the valley of Kualoa Ranch, where dramatic mountain peaks jut out of the ground and remind you of the great workings of the planet. Gosh, it’s tough to describe how big of an impact a space like this has on you without seeming cliché. Kualoa Ranch is so renowned for its majestic beauty by filmmakers around the world that you’ve probably seen it before. Lost, Jurassic Park, etc. The stories that have been told here echo.

Unique Wedding Traditions

The wedding incorporated some deeply touching traditional elements, traditional Hawaiian customs and Korean customs including a lei exchange, Tommy Tokioka, their officiant, playing the ukulele and breaking a coconut, from which the couple each took a sip, signifying unification of their separate lives into a new, unified family. The couple had a butterfly release at the end of their ceremony, a really unique way to head back down the aisle. 

 Following the ceremony, Jesse and Christina changed into hanbok for the Korean Paebak celebration, a nod to Christina’s family. The couple offered tea to their family followed by their parents tossing the chestnuts and jujubes representing children for the couple to catch. 

Protip: Butterfly Exits

Here are some tips if you’re planning a wedding butterfly exit:

Source ethically by choosing butterflies from a reputable supplier, preferably Painted Lady butterflies. Schedule the release for mid-morning to early afternoon in warm, sunny conditions, and avoiding cold or rainy weather. Check local regulations to ensure compliance and consider the environmental impact of your chosen butterfly. Handle the butterflies with care, storing them in a cool, shaded area until release. Lastly, distribute butterflies along with brief information on how to handle and release them to your guests before your exit.

Reception Under the Stars at Kualoa Ranch

As the stars blinked awake, the twinkling lights of the reception tent were embraced by a vast darkness and music echoed over the hills. The styled rattan lounge and dance floor lit by string lights created a romantic atmosphere fitting for a luxurious island wedding. Sated on a dinner of the most fresh and delicious local ingredients, the Christina, Jesse, and their beloved guests danced  under the stars in a tropical paradise.

The Dream Team for a Perfect Wedding Day

The exceptional work of the florist, planner, and videographer played a crucial role in this destination wedding. Puakaie Floristry, ABC Weddings, and videographer Sophia Roud, each contributed their expertise to create a memorable wedding experience at Kualoa Ranch.

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