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Modern Spring Wedding at Accelerator Space in Baltimore, Maryland | Tom + Kelsey

Wedding Planner: Lauren Corrigan Events
Venue: Accelerator Space
Florist: Violet Florals
Suit Designer: J.Crew
Dress Boutique: Gamberdellas
Dress Designer: Sassi Holford
Paper Goods: Tankerville Press
Furniture: Select Event Group
Rental / Decor: Something Vintage
Hair Stylist: Caitlyn Meyer Pro
Live Music: Camden String Quartet
Desserts: The Charmery
Lighting: Event Dynamics
Photographer: L Hewitt Photography

Blog Post: Modern Romance Meets Spring Elegance in Baltimore

As the world awakens to the fresh promises of spring, the streets of Baltimore, with their rich tapestry of history and modern vibrancy, played host to a wedding that captured the essence of modern romance. I had the privilege of capturing this exquisite day, a blend of classic elegance and contemporary style, at the Hotel Revival and the Accelerator Space.

Elegant Preparations at Hotel Revival: The day began at the Hotel Revival, a venue that exudes an eclectic mix of historic charm and contemporary design – a perfect setting for our bride and groom’s preparations. As a luxury wedding photographer, I find that the choice of getting ready location sets the tone for the day, and Hotel Revival, with its blend of handsome decor and heritage, provided a beautiful space for the early moments of anticipation.

Chic Groom’s Fashion: I’ve noticed photographers tend to focus on the bride a lot – and in this case, Kelsey’s chic gown with a sheer top and sleeves was the perfect compliment to the softness of the day. But it’s always important to me to take just as much care with the groom. Embracing the essence of spring, Tom cut a dashing figure in a green plaid suit paired with velvet shoes – a nod to the Italian concept of ‘sprezzatura’, an art of effortless elegance. This choice of attire, a reflection of a relaxed, confident style and chic touch, perfect for the crisp spring vibes. In wedding photography, capturing these fashion moments is essential as they add a layer of personality and charm to your story.

Romantic Portraits in Mount Vernon Square: For their portraits, the couple chose the picturesque Mount Vernon Square, with the magnificent Walters Art Gallery as a backdrop. The early spring wedding setting, with magnolia buds on the cusp of blooming, could be considered the perfect metaphor for a wedding. In wedding photography, capturing these natural elements adds a layer of depth and context that I find beautiful about life itself.

Pro Tips for a Timeless Look: For bridesmaids, selecting dresses in black can be a chic and practical choice. Not only does it lend a modern vibe, but it also ensures the dresses can be worn again for other events, accommodating a variety of body types. In wedding photography, this choice often translates into elegant, cohesive group photos.

Vibrant Florals by Violet Florals: The floral arrangements, masterfully crafted by Violet Florals, played a pivotal role in defining the aesthetic of the day. Embracing a modern and clean look with pristine white blooms, including the use the softness of baby’s breath columns against the modern, industrial lines of the fireplace at this Accelerator Space Wedding, created a visually stunning impact.

As a pro tip for couples, choosing a single type of flower en masse, like baby’s breath, can add both beauty, drama, and texture to your wedding decor.

Modern Reception at Accelerator Space: The reception, also held at the chic and industrial Accelerator Space, continued the theme of modern elegance. The decor included sleek white fluted tables, Black Louis chairs with clear acrylic backs, and glossy black tassel escort cards. The presence of an oyster bar and a martini bar added a luxurious touch, much appreciated by the guests. As a wedding photographer, these details are essential to capture, as they contribute to the narrative of the day.

Lauren Corrigan Events – The Planning Maestro: Every seamless transition and perfectly executed detail was the handiwork of Lauren Corrigan Events. As a luxury wedding photography expert, working alongside a planner who shares the same commitment to excellence and detail ensures that every moment is captured flawlessly.

A Dance of Tradition and Unity: A highlight of the evening was the greek wedding bread dance, (Originally a Macedonian tradition) where the bride and groom held a koluk over their heads, symbolizing unity and celebration.

As I reflect on this beautiful day, I’m reminded of the importance of capturing not just images, but the soul and story behind them. In every click of my camera, I seek to imbue a sense of magic, a nod to the saudade of beautiful moments passing us by, and a celebration of not just love, but the bittersweet joy of life.

For more insights into luxurious weddings and the art of capturing them, stay tuned to L Hewitt Photography.

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